UK Government should enable pension access for the over 50s now!

The future is bleak or so you would think!

Everywhere you look the economic outlook is stated as ‘worse than the second world war’ and even worse than the ‘great depression in the 20’s and 30’s’ and this is based on the current wave of COVID.

For the over 50’s in the UK, overall a group of 4.66 million people the UK government could provide support for those with private pensions by enabling access to pensions from 50 instead of the current 55.

Indeed, this is not revolutionary just a further extension of recent pension reforms in the UK.

This would enable anyone over 50 impacted by loss of employment more control on their affairs with no cost to the government – a true win/win scenario.

Even if the impacted numbers were only 25% of the total over 50 population then over 1.16 million people could be helped.

Please contact your parliamentary representative to push this point if you one of the 4.66 million impacted.




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